Not just for Weddings and Funerals...

Remember when families got together for picnics and holidays? We do!
Using a wedding or funeral to reconnect with family is not what makes a family whole.
This network is as private as you need or want it to be!
Join and start a family circle that doesn't require a funeral or wedding to get you in touch!

Family-centric Social Networking

Provides a safe place for family to gather, reminisce and plan. This is the place where you can chat, discuss, blog, share pictures, plan family events and more! We are dedicated to family and generations. Creating a repository for and by families like days past when we valued what family meant! Join today and get started!

Generational Tool

With this new way of family communication you not only communicate WITHIN YOUR family, but you also can create a family generated encyclopedia for generations to come. Imagine a place where you can have generations of children and grandchildren see and gather information about their great great great relatives! Imagine a place where not a single person in your family could be missed, whether blended or not, can have a place to know who they are and where they've come from...

Family Communication

A tool that allows families to stay in touch and communicate no matter the distance or physical geographic location!

In time of sorrow...

Families and Funeral homes can use this network to notify and subsequently keep family connected
This also provides a permanent link to the funeral home and a social presence.

Family Milestones

Share moments of celebration with only family members and bring back the sense of family that was there generations before.

An encyclopedia of fmaily

This is where the value of Timeless Families comes into play. With all said prior, the beauty of this site is to create a generational repository of family data. Imagine the abilities when you can have pictures, videos and testimony from family members. This is the kind of information that tends to get lost over time and generations. .